Getting ready to retire? Keep the group advantage

You have access to retirement income solutions to suit your needs, plus you’ll continue to enjoy the advantage of lower fees with these products:   

Or, if you want a regular income, there are a wide variety of annuity options. These products provide a guaranteed income for life, alleviate ongoing investment risk, and require no investment management by you.

Watch this short video to learn how retirement income products work.

Get a sneak peek of your retirement income

If you’re within 10 years of retirement, the Income wizard will show you how much your registered retirement savings could give you in retirement. The tool also gives you a personal, illustrated report you can save and print.

Watch the one-minute video

Learn about the retirement income solutions sponsored by Engineers Canada.

Simplify your retirement income

When you consolidate your savings, you’ll be able to manage your retirement income more easily with one statement that gives your financial picture at-a-glance.

To consolidate and help maximize your savings, simply complete the Transfer other registered investments form and send it to the address on the form. 

Preparing for a financially healthy retirement

Retirement is finally around the corner. Are you ready for it?

It’s a good idea to start planning three to five years before you expect to retire.

Visit SmartPATH interactive financial education and planning website for videos, calculators and articles designed to help you learn more about your journey toward retirement. The Retirement income solutions guide can also help you get ready.

For one-on-one help

Angela Harvey is the investment and retirement specialist dedicated to participants of the financial security program, and can help you:

  • Understand investing before and after retirement
  • Create an individual income strategy for your retirement
  • Learn how to use both registered and non-registered investments to make the most of your accumulated savings